Sunday, December 9, 2012

2013 Plans

It's scheduling time. How do I balance MC-Scow regattas, E-Scow regattas, marching band shows, family vacations, and actually having time to mow the lawn?

MC-Scow regatta plans:
3/12-3/13 Zenda University, Eustis, FL
3/14-3/17 Midwinters, Eustis, FL
5/4-5/5 Cowtown Classic, Columbus, OH
6/1-6/2 Cage Match, Fenton, MI
6/22-6/23 Horse Race, Saratoga, NY
8/24-8/25 Nor'Easterns, Keuka, NY
9/7-9/8 Montreal, CA (possible conflict with marching band)
9/21-9/22 Blue Chip, Spring Lake, MI
9/28-9/29 Cowan Scowin, Cowan, OH

E-Scow schedule
7/27-7/28 NYS Championships, Keuka, NY
8/1-8-3 Easterns, Keuka, NY

Total right now looks like 8 days off from work to accomplish this.

Also in the plans (again) is a 20-pound weight loss and getting in shape.

I have spent this past week prepping the MC-Scow. I fixed a dozen or so gelcoat dings and scratches, built a mast cover and boom cover, and started the mental design for two potential changes to the rigging. Both will improve my heavy air sailing if I can figure them out.

This winter is warm. No snow. I'm fining my winter stir craziness is coming early. It's before Christmas and I'm looking at next year.

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